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London day excursion

London day excursion Grad

With such a variety of attractions, from heritage to art, from theatre to fun, London is the ideal choice for any group day out. We have access to education rates for a wide range of West End shows and attractions and can help with all elements of the planning to ensure your day trip is well organised and enjoyable.

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West End excursions

West End excursions Grad

We can cater for day excursions to any show on London's West End with packages including ticket and travel under one price. It's also possible to combine with other attractions or residential stay.

Allowing your students access to this goldmine of culture and knowledge is a rewarding and memorable experience with application to a huge variety of subjects including English Language and Literature, Drama, History and Cultural Studies. All shows mentioned here offer educational support packages including workshops, Q&A and study aids. Please ask for more information.

Please click "places to visit" for a small selection of the many shows currently available on the West End.

Please be aware travel and ticket day excursion packages are only available to schools in East Anglia.