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The Battle of Waterloo 1815

The Battle of Waterloo marked a huge change in the way in which warfare was to be conducted. Wellington’s momentous victory not only brought about significant political change to Europe and the wider world, but also the decline of long established military order.

Our visit to Waterloo in company with an expert Military Historian will use the chronology of the battle to highlight not just the roles of the key commanders but also the nature of warfare experienced on the rain-sodden field of Waterloo. We will consider the decisive impact of Wellington on the day, the effect of concentrated British musketry on massed French Infantry and the diminished influence of once all-powerful cavalry when faced with well-trained, disciplined Infantry and Artillery.

The learning experience will be reinforced with visits to the Lion Mound to view the terrain, the Panorama to gain understanding of troop types and the Waterloo Visitor Centre to view the weapon types employed during the battle. 

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