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Faith under fire – Religious Studies Field Trip to The Western Front



A Religious Studies field trip to the battlefields of the Western Front offers an unrivalled opportunity to provoke thought and to generate student debate on some of the core topics in the RS syllabus. Our purpose designed itinerary includes a framework of sites that will give any debate a historical context, but we never lose sight of the main RS focus.

Using case studies from the Chaplains Department, the Medical Services and some of key commanders we will trigger debate on a range of topics. Starting with the concept of a Just War we can progress through a previously agreed series of visits highlighting topics such as Conscientious Objectors, Laws of Armed Conflict, Medical Personnel in War, Religion (Multi) on the Battlefield, Non-Combatants in War, Remembrance and Commemoration.  The content and sequence of the itinerary can be adjusted to suit your learning outcomes and will be delivered by an expert Galloway Historian.