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Berlin: Cold War Case Study



A field trip to the iconic Cold War City of Berlin adds immense value to understanding the reality of life in the divided city before the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact.

Our three-day tour is a popular and well-proven field trip that attracts regular re-booking. Your tour will be led by a Galloway Historian who has personal experience of life in Berlin at the height of the Cold War. This expert guidance coupled with a logical and varied itinerary is guaranteed to stimulate learning and thought.

Your group will follow a chronological narrative beginning with the Red Army’s costly battle to capture Berlin and the subsequent capitulation of Hitler’s Reich. Your tour can be tailored to focus on specific research subjects, we regularly include the Stasi Prison, Checkpoint Charlie, Nuclear Fall Out Shelters, Soviet Memorial Parks and of course sections of the Berlin Wall.

We prefer to mix coach transits with walking tours, this ensures that everybody experiences the atmosphere of Berlin and sees the evidence of the past.