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Subjects - Olympic Legacy


Barcelona Grad

For those studying Spanish, Barcelona’s culture and historical architecture offers the ideal choice for a residential visit. Greatly influenced by its sporting and artistic residents, this vibrant city provides a rare chance to mix the old with the new.


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Berlin Grad

A visit to Berlin enables students to see the visible scars of the Cold War as well as experience sites of historical importance from the Holocaust and Nazi dictatorship. With museums, memorials and bunkers there is something to engage all students. Travel by coach or air to suit your budget. 

Guided Tours

For groups looking to enhance their excursions to the battlefields of Europe, we are partners with the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and therefore have access to trained, experienced and vetted guides. They are chosen for their suitability to work with school groups to bring the reality of war to life. All Guild members have one thing in common, their love of Military History.

Berlin: Cold War Case Study

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Munich Grad

This tour covers the early rise of Nazi power in Munich and offers a fascinating insight into the area’s role during World War II.

Perfect as a two-centre tour with Nuremberg.

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