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Subjects - History - Medieval

Agincourt 1415

Agincourt 1415 Grad

Our visit to Agincourt is structured to allow students to gain an insight into the nature of medieval warfare and the pivotal role of King Henry V in one of the most decisive battles of the 100 years’ war.

The itinerary includes a full day walking the field in company with an expert Battlefield Guide. Students will not only gain an understanding of the military technology and tactics of the day, they will also consider the composition of the armies of both sides and the feudal loyalties that bound the English and French Armies together.

Our discussions will examine the complex challenges faced by medieval commanders when planning and supporting a high-risk campaign on foreign soil and the experiences of the men at arms that they commanded.

A visit to the Battlefield Visitor Centre presents the opportunity to view and handle the weapons of the day, further consider the social structures of the opposing forces and the importance of religion and medical support to the men who fought.


Fortress Europe

Fortress Europe Grad

An excursion providing the opportunity to visit the many fascinating sites in Nord-Pas de Calais that demonstrate the extent of the fortification and armaments in place during World War II.

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Opal Coast

Opal Coast Grad

The French Opal Coast is a popular choice for school groups, with many opportunities for sightseeing and activities based upon the region’s historic and maritime heritage.

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Opal Coast day excursion

Opal Coast day excursion Grad

The French Opal Coast is so easily accessible and therefore offers a wide variety of interesting opportunities for a school day excursion.

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York & Scarborough

York & Scarborough Grad

The North of England provides plenty of opportunities for students of all ages to learn in a variation of environments ranging from the vast expanses of the iconic 'Yorkshire Dales' to the rocky coastlines of Whitby and Scarborough.