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Agincourt 1415

Agincourt 1415 Grad

Our visit to Agincourt is structured to allow students to gain an insight into the nature of medieval warfare and the pivotal role of King Henry V in one of the most decisive battles of the 100 years’ war.

The itinerary includes a full day walking the field in company with an expert Battlefield Guide. Students will not only gain an understanding of the military technology and tactics of the day, they will also consider the composition of the armies of both sides and the feudal loyalties that bound the English and French Armies together.

Our discussions will examine the complex challenges faced by medieval commanders when planning and supporting a high-risk campaign on foreign soil and the experiences of the men at arms that they commanded.

A visit to the Battlefield Visitor Centre presents the opportunity to view and handle the weapons of the day, further consider the social structures of the opposing forces and the importance of religion and medical support to the men who fought.


Berlin: Cold War Case Study

Berlin: Cold War Case Study Grad

A field trip to the iconic Cold War City of Berlin adds immense value to understanding the reality of life in the divided city before the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact.

Our three-day tour is a popular and well-proven field trip that attracts regular re-booking. Your tour will be led by a Galloway Historian who has personal experience of life in Berlin at the height of the Cold War. This expert guidance coupled with a logical and varied itinerary is guaranteed to stimulate learning and thought.

Your group will follow a chronological narrative beginning with the Red Army’s costly battle to capture Berlin and the subsequent capitulation of Hitler’s Reich. Your tour can be tailored to focus on specific research subjects, we regularly include the Stasi Prison, Checkpoint Charlie, Nuclear Fall Out Shelters, Soviet Memorial Parks and of course sections of the Berlin Wall.

We prefer to mix coach transits with walking tours, this ensures that everybody experiences the atmosphere of Berlin and sees the evidence of the past.


Faith under fire – Religious Studies Field Trip to The Western Front

Faith under fire – Religious Studies Field Trip to The Western Front Grad

A Religious Studies field trip to the battlefields of the Western Front offers an unrivalled opportunity to provoke thought and to generate student debate on some of the core topics in the RS syllabus. Our purpose designed itinerary includes a framework of sites that will give any debate a historical context, but we never lose sight of the main RS focus.

Using case studies from the Chaplains Department, the Medical Services and some of key commanders we will trigger debate on a range of topics. Starting with the concept of a Just War we can progress through a previously agreed series of visits highlighting topics such as Conscientious Objectors, Laws of Armed Conflict, Medical Personnel in War, Religion (Multi) on the Battlefield, Non-Combatants in War, Remembrance and Commemoration.  The content and sequence of the itinerary can be adjusted to suit your learning outcomes and will be delivered by an expert Galloway Historian.


Krakow: Auschwitz

Krakow: Auschwitz Grad

Auschwitz for many is considered to be the Ground Zero of the final solution, the epicentre of the holocaust. It was of course one of many death camps constructed to carry out murder on an industrial scale.

Not far from the small Polish town of Oswiecim the camp is calculated to have murdered 1.1 million innocent people with grim and relentless efficiency. Our specialist guided tour visits the infamous camp and the city of Krakow. We will also consider life in wartime Poland, visiting the wartime ghetto in Podgorze and the site of the labour camp at Plaszow as seen in the film Schindler’s List.

Our programme will also include a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum. This can be an emotive tour for obvious reasons, all of our guides are experts and of equal importance, they are experienced in working with young students in this environment.   


Medical Services on the Western Front 1914-1918

Medical Services on the Western Front 1914-1918 Grad

Our knowledge of medicine and the human body has grown at a truly staggering pace in the last 100 years and one of the most noticeable places to see such evolution was the battlefield. As war provided a constant stream of wounded, new challenges were met with new solutions and the world of medicine was refined into the study we know now.



The Battle of Waterloo 1815

The Battle of Waterloo 1815 Grad

The Battle of Waterloo marked a huge change in the way in which warfare was to be conducted. Wellington’s momentous victory not only brought about significant political change to Europe and the wider world, but also the decline of long established military order.

Our visit to Waterloo in company with an expert Military Historian will use the chronology of the battle to highlight not just the roles of the key commanders but also the nature of warfare experienced on the rain-sodden field of Waterloo. We will consider the decisive impact of Wellington on the day, the effect of concentrated British musketry on massed French Infantry and the diminished influence of once all-powerful cavalry when faced with well-trained, disciplined Infantry and Artillery.

The learning experience will be reinforced with visits to the Lion Mound to view the terrain, the Panorama to gain understanding of troop types and the Waterloo Visitor Centre to view the weapon types employed during the battle. 

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