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Residential Tours - France


Normandy Grad

As well as offering students the chance to see for themselves the beaches where so many sacrifices were made during WWII, Normandy also gives the opportunity to study other periods of history such as medieval times and the Norman Conquest.

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Opal Coast

Opal Coast Grad

The French Opal Coast is a popular choice for school groups, with many opportunities for sightseeing and activities based upon the region’s historic and maritime heritage.

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Paris Grad

Paris is a truly cosmopolitan capital – the people of the city represent a unique cross-section of society, life-style and nationality.


The Somme

The Somme Grad

The Battle of The Somme took place between July and November 1916, and our tours will enable you to visit the main sites in the area.

Guided Tours

For groups looking to enhance their excursions to the battlefields of Europe, we are partners with the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and therefore have access to trained, experienced and vetted guides. They are chosen for their suitability to work with school groups to bring the reality of war to life. All Guild members have one thing in common, their love of Military History.

Medical Services on the Western Front 1914-1918

Agincourt 1415

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