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Day Excursions - France

Fortress Europe

Fortress Europe Grad

An excursion providing the opportunity to visit the many fascinating sites in Nord-Pas de Calais that demonstrate the extent of the fortification and armaments in place during World War II.

© (vincent desjardins)


Opal Coast day excursion

Opal Coast day excursion Grad

The French Opal Coast is so easily accessible and therefore offers a wide variety of interesting opportunities for a school day excursion.

© Maëlick


The Somme day excursion

The Somme day excursion Grad

Our excursion to The Somme will provide your students with an unforgettable and moving experience of the great offensive of 1916.

The main Battle of The Somme was fought between 1st July and 17th November 1916, and in many ways was one of the greatest disasters ever experienced by the British Army.

© Amanda Slater


Vimy & Arras day excursion

Vimy & Arras day excursion Grad

This popular day excursion will offer your History students an interesting and thought-provoking combination of World War I visits in Northern France.

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