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How do I design a tour?

Galloway endeavour to work with our customers in designing bespoke tours to fit any criteria. If you have any doubts or questions, our friendly staff are more than happy to assist you – feel free to contact us.

What can Galloway offer me?
Included in the package will be:

Vehicle and drivers
Galloway vehicles meet the highest possible standard in safety and quality as required by Coach Marque and the Guild of British Coach Operators, so you can be confident of some of the best coach transportation in the UK. All our school tour drivers are licenced, DBS checked, fully trained, and chosen for their suitability and experience.

We often work with partner coach operators in other areas of the UK, mainly for practical reasons such as fuel economy and driver hours' limitations. Each one has been carefully selected to ensure they deliver the same high standards of service, and we verify such things as company organisation and operations, customer service, driver presentation, vehicle quality, health and safety and risk assessment.

Other transport
Ferries, railways and airlines are all strictly regulated and comply with statutory regulations regarding health and safety. Galloway reviews the use of ferries, railways and airlines and assesses their suitability for school groups. 

Battlefield Guides
For groups looking to enhance their excursions to the battlefields of Europe, we are a partner with the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and therefore have access to trained, experienced and vetted guides. They are chosen for their suitability to work with school groups to bring the reality of war to life. Supplements apply.

Galloway audits accommodation for fire and safety regulation compliance, security and suitability including Public Liability Insurance and current certificates for safety and security applicable in the country concerned.

Visits and excursions
Visits and excursions have been carefully assessed for safety and nearly all visits included in our tours are considered to be of the lowest category of risk.

Free places for Group Leaders
We have a generous free place ratio for Group Leaders and staff. In addition, a free single room can be made available for one Group Leader and family concessions are also available.

Paying members 30-34 35-39 40-45 46
Free places 3 4 5 6

For day excursions, the ratio is 1 free staff member for every 10 students. For air and coach tours, please call 01449 767 778 for more details.

Post tour
Feedback from the tour leader is encouraged to ensure learning objectives are achieved and to guide future tour development.

How do I book a tour?
Choose the tour most closely matching your objectives and then contact us to discuss your precise requirements. You can make an initial enquiry by email or by calling 01449 767778. 
Once we have all the details, we will confirm a price which will include any additional items, such as visits. If suitable, we will make a provisional booking (subject to availability) and this will be held open for approximately four weeks while you collect names and deposits. 

What deposits would I need to pay?
On all coach tours we require a deposit of £60 per person, with the balance payable at least eight weeks before departure. For air tours, we may charge the cost of the air fare as the deposit.

2019 prices 
Starting prices shown on this website are for each tour and are based on a minimum of 40 paying students per coach travelling low season. We will be pleased to quote for smaller groups but this will affect the tour price.

Low season: 1 January – 18 April 23 October – 31 December
Mid season: 19 April – 14 May  22 July – 22 October
High season: 15 May – 21 July

Do you provide promotional material?
You will want to promote your tour and we can provide materials such as posters, leaflets, draft letters and payment cards.

Can I change my itinerary whilst on tour?
Galloway ensure there is sufficient flexibility to make agreed changes to the programme and there are adequate and regular opportunities for liaison between staff and the driver. A change or curtailment may also occur because of ferry or traffic delays, severe weather or other incident.

What can my students expect to gain?
Galloway work hard to ensure our tours are as applicable to subject curriculum as possible. Even so, we are happy to discuss any extra ideas you might have to bring your tour in line with any additional requirements.

As a partner of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides, we can provide an expert guide to accompany your group to assist with the pupils learning experience. The Guild’s excellent military historians can help bring the battlefield to life.

We can also provide study aids tailored to particular subjects and locations, so you can be sure your students will be supported throughout.

What protection will I receive?

Take a look at your protection for details of the types of protection Galloway can offer.

For details of travel insurance, please see our Insurance Summary

For full details, please see our Trading Charter

How do I complete a risk assessment?
Each individual tour leader is responsible for carrying out a full risk assessment for their specific tour. We offer a Generic Risk Assessment that can form the basis of the assessment and is designed to assist you with the task. However, it should not be relied upon exclusively. Galloway cannot carry out the full risk assessment on behalf of a Group Leader but may be able to offer further advice and information.

This risk assessment process has been broken down into the following headings:

•Hazards (action & locations)
•Persons affected
•Control measures employed
•Residual risk rating
Your own full Risk Assessment should include:
•GROUP SPECIFIC RISK ASSESSMENT - this should take into account factors such as the ages, number and ability level of group participants.
•SITE SPECIFIC RISK ASSESSMENT - which considers the environment, geography and climate of the destination of the tour and any additional visits, which may have associated risks (separate risk assessments may be necessary).
•DYNAMIC RISK ASSESSMENT - takes into account possible changing circumstances such as a revised itinerary, inclement weather or an incident

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be able to download a full copy of the risk assessment along with further supplementary information.

What accreditations do Galloway have?
Galloway have a whole variety of accreditations and awards given to us by a great number of well-established travel organisations, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that everything from the planning to the travel itself is being dealt with by capable hands

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