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Residential Tours - Belgium


Ardennes Grad

The Ardennes region of Belgium offers a great centre for a school visit. As well as a selection of memorials and museums connected with the Battles of the Ardennes and the Bulge in World War II, there is the fascinating Euro Space Centre.

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Medical Services & Life Behind The Lines

Medical Services & Life Behind The Lines Grad

Our knowledge of medicine and the human body has grown at a truly staggering pace in the last 100 years and one of the most noticeable places to see such evolution was the battlefield. As war provided a constant stream of wounded, new challenges were met with new solutions and the world of medicine was refined into the study we know now.



Ypres Salient

Ypres Salient Grad

An Ypres Salient tours offer students a superb opportunity to study the area that was a pivotal point in the First Word War.

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